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Exclude a Custom Post Type

To avoid adding URLs to the Weglot exclusion list, you can disable the translation of a Custom Post Type (example: "page") directly with our hooks.
add_filter('weglot_is_eligible_url', 'not_authorize_translation');
function not_authorize_translation(){
if (get_post_type( weglot_get_postid_from_url() ) === 'page') {
return false;
return true;
add_filter('weglot_active_translation_before_process', 'check_page_translation');
function check_page_translation()
if (get_post_type(weglot_get_postid_from_url()) === 'page' && weglot_get_current_language() !== weglot_get_original_language() ) {
wp_redirect( weglot_get_request_url_service()->get_full_url() );
return true;