Translate iframe

You have an iframe in your page and you need to translate it.


You need to have the iframe control to put Weglot snippet on the iframe.

If you cannot put the snippet in the iframe, please contact us, we surely have another solutions for you.


The parent window (main page) got the Weglot snippet to initialize it and there is a switcher on this page.

1) You have to put the same snippet in your iframe page, with the hide_switcher extra option to true, because you don't want another switcher in your iframe:

// In your iframe
api_key: "wg_xxxx",
hide_switcher: true // You already have a switcher in parent window

2) Add translate_iframes option with all CSS selectors in an array to select translated iframe in your page.

// In your parent window
api_key: "wg_xxxx",
translate_iframes: ["#iframe-id", ".my-little-iframe"]

Now, the parent window can communicate with your iframe, mainly to switch language when user select a new one.


  • You can add iframes selectors option all over your website, if selector is wrong or iframe doesn't exist, it doesn't matter

  • Visiting a page with a translated iframe on it will count two visits on your dashboard (parent + iframe)