Last updated 5 months ago

How to Integrate Weglot on your Squarespace website

Using Weglot JS

Follow the Getting started guide. You can also use link hooks to create Squarespace native menu entries to switch language.

Using Weglot Translation Network (private feature)

Weglot Translation Network allows you to translate your Squarespace website with unique features. Try our demo site at https://weglot-sqspace.com and its Weglot-translated counterparts at https://fr.weglot-sqspace.com and https://es.weglot-sqspace.com

Features include:

  • One clean URL for each translated page

  • First-class SEO, following all Google SEO guidelines

  • Social media sharing of your translated pages

  • Ability to run ads on language-specific versions of your website

  • Analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) can be segmented per domain out of the box

  • No content-flash : the initial render of the website is correct!

  • All other Weglot features: initial machine translation, a simple dashboard where you can edit all your translations, etc.

  • ... No extra cost included! Your plan will still follow pricing defined at https://weglot.com/pricing

Step 1: Get in touch with us

Write an email to support@weglot.com, mentioning that you want to use Weglot Translation Network for your Squarespace website. Also mention:

  • The URL to your current Squarespace website (eg.: mywebsite.com)

  • The extra languages that you want to start with (eg.: French, Spanish, Arabic)

Step 2: We get back to you

We will get back to you with clear instructions on some DNS records to create.

  • One CNAME record to verify your ownership of the domain and issue an SSL certificate, in order to serve your translated domain with the HTTPS protocol

  • One CNAME record for each language that you wish to add

Step 3: Enjoy!

Once you have confirmed that the records were properly created, we will add your website to Weglot's Translation Network. It will take approximately 1 hour in business hours for us to get back to you with a confirmation that your websites are ready. Your websites:

  • fr.mywebsite.com

  • es.mywebsite.com

are now ready!

Step 4 (optional): Include the Weglot switcher on your Squarespace website

In the "Inject code" of the advanced settings, include the following code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.weglot.com/weglot.min.js"></script>
api_key: 'your_api_key',
originalLanguage: 'en',
destinationLanguages : 'fr,es',
subDomain: true

This will add a language switcher on the bottom right side of your website. See the Javascript documentation for more options.

For a "native" menu, you can also add 3 menu entries in the Squarespace menu(s) of your choice:

  • "English" - menu entry of type "Link", that links to #Weglot-en

  • "Français" - menu entry of type "Link", that links to #Weglot-fr

  • "Español" - menu entry of type "Link", that links to #Weglot-es

Weglot will remove its default switcher create dynamic links automatically for you. Read more here.